Public Transportation

ICEsonic dry ice blasters will provide you with powerful and fast cleaning that prolongs the lifespan of public transportation vehicles

The versatility and diversity of cleaning with dry ice enables you to clean from sensitive electrical components to thick grease and burnt carbon. With Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting you can clean in-place and eliminate manual cleaning. It’s an effective and non-conductive cleaning method which does not require chemicals. Dry ice blasting allows you to clean equipment frequently which reduces risks of failures and service disruptions. This method prevents the interruption of unexpected service of generators, motors, cooling fans, railcars and other supporting equipment in public transportation.


· Generators

· Motors

· Control boxes

· 3D rail insulators

· Gears

· Traction motors

Public Transportation

General Equipment Cleaning

Increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment while saving time

Dry ice blasting is a fast and safe way to maintain all types of equipment. Industrial Cleaning Systems’s dry ice blasting is a completely dry cleaning process that is safe for all electrical components on your equipment. It allows you to clean in-place without cooldown or disassembly. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive, non-conductive cleaning method that is safe for the surface of your equipment. It will not create additional harmful waste.

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Public Transportation

Surface Preparation

Treat surfaces so they are clean, dry, oil free and ready for further treatment

Industrial Cleaning Systems’s dry ice blasting removes contaminants and build up without any change to the targeted surfaces. Dry ice blasting can be safely performed on a variety of surfaces. Treated surface will remain chemically clean, dry, oil free and ready for further treatment. Dry ice blasting leaves no residue and increases the efficiency of your work.

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Public Transportation

Electrical Component Cleaning

Maintain high equipment efficiency and improve inspection processes

Dry ice blasting is a safe cleaning method for sensitive electrical components. It does not cause damage to the equipment due to dry ice’s non-abrasive properties. Dry ice blasting is possible when equipment is operational reducing production downtime. Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting system does not require additional chemicals and does not create secondary waste.

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Public Transportation

Operational Equipment Cleaning

Clean machines and electronics during operation to reduce downtime

Dry ice blasting is faster and more effective way of cleaning your operational equipment. Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting system enables you to remove the buildup from your equipment reducing the risk of breakdown without damaging surfaces. This cleaning method is non-abrasive, does not create secondary waste and is environmentally friendly. It improves preventative maintenance as well as inspection processes. Using Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting you will note reduction in production downtime and unplanned maintenance.

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Dry Ice Blasting Benefits

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method that can be used on electrical parts and equipment. This cleaning method enables you to clean your equipment and asset in-place without cooling down, with little or no disassembly and reducing downtime. It’s cost effective and saves you time eliminating manual cleaning process and secondary waste disposal.

· Non-abrasive

· Minimized disassembly

· Reduction in downtime

· No secondary waste

· No manual cleaning

· Reduction of cleaning costs

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