Plastic Industry

Safe way of cleaning and reducing scrap rates and production downtime

Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting machines have a specific solution for applications in the plastic industry to help you clean and increase the lifespan of your equipment. It is a non-abrasive cleaning method that is safe to use on operational equipment at operating temperatures. Using dry ice blasting you will increase your productivity, reduce unnecessary costs and improve product quality. Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting equipment is used to clean injection and compression molds, interior and exterior automotive parts, plastic extruder screws and screw heads and other.


· Injection, blow, compression, urethane and other molds

· Extruder screws and screw heads

· Ovens

· Interior and exterior automotive parts

· Mixers

· PEEK (Polyether ether ketone)

Plastic Industry

Surface Preparation

Treat surfaces so they are clean, dry, oil free and ready for further treatment

Industrial Cleaning Systems’s dry ice blasting removes contaminants and build up without any change to the targeted surfaces. Dry ice blasting can be safely performed on a variety of surfaces. Treated surface will remain chemically clean, dry, oil free and ready for further treatment. Dry ice blasting leaves no residue and increases the efficiency of your work.

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Plastic Industry

Operational Equipment Cleaning

Clean machines and electronics during operation to reduce downtime

Dry ice blasting is faster and more effective way of cleaning your operational equipment. Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting system enables you to remove the buildup from your equipment reducing the risk of breakdown without damaging surfaces. This cleaning method is non-abrasive, does not create secondary waste and is environmentally friendly. It improves preventative maintenance as well as inspection processes. Using Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting you will note reduction in production downtime and unplanned maintenance.

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Plastic Industry

Plastic Injection Mold Cleaning

Increase the quality and lifespan of your plastic injection molds

Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting is a fast, effective and non-abrasive way of cleaning. Due to the dry ice blasting technology, mold cleaning can be performed on an operational mold press at operating temperatures. It is used to clean extruder screws, dies and casts, ovens, mixers, molds and other plastic injection equipment. Dry ice blasting will improve operational efficiency, quality parts and reduce costs.

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Plastic Industry

Parts Finishing

Gentle yet powerful when you need to remove burrs from molded parts

Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting provides a solution for a faster, more efficient and safer way to do parts finishing. Dry ice blasting effectively removes burrs from molded parts. Dry ice blasting ensures that the geometries of the part are maintained, thanks to dry ice blasting being non-abrasive and not leaving any additional residue.

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Plastic Industry

Rubber Mold Cleaning

Increase the lifespan of your rubber molds and improve product quality

Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting system enables you to remove the buildup of material and release agents that will cause change in mold geometry. Dry ice cleaning method does not require cooldown of the press or disassembly. This way you can avoid reassembly damages and save time. Non-abrasive properties of dry ice allow frequent maintenance and longer tooling lifespan, at the same time the scrap rate is reduced. Dry ice blasting is a fast and effective cleaning method that reduces cleaning time and labor costs up to 80%.

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Dry Ice Blasting Benefits

With Industrial Cleaning Systems dry ice blasting system you can clean safely your equipment without disassembling while it’s still at operating temperature. Dry ice blasting eliminates the need for manual cleaning which results in a decrease of cleaning costs and production downtime. It is a non-abrasive cleaning method which guarantees you no damage to the surface. It doesn’t create secondary waste and does not require additional chemicals meaning it is safe for the environment and the employees. Surface that is cleaned using dry ice blasting is dry and ready for immediate painting or coating.

· Non-abrasive

· Reduction of scrap

· Cleaning in-place

· Employee & environmentally safe

· No disassembly required

· Doesn’t create secondary waste

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